Our Shutters

A variety of designs - PVC, Timber, Aluminium

Plantation Shutters

We offer high quality shutters in PVC, timber, hybrid and aluminium depending on your room and size.

Plantation shutters are extremely practical, shading the interior of your home and allows you to control the amount of light coming in whilst also allowing the uninterrupted passage of cool air. Made from high quality materials that are easy to operate and look fantastic in any setting, providing a modern and fresh look on your windows.

All of our shutters are custom made for your window shape and offer unlimited colours to choose from.

Shutter Types - PVC


Highly durable and can be used throughout your home. Moisture and humidity resistant so perfect for wet areas.

Shutter Types - Timber


Super strong and light making it ideal for custom shapes, bifold or sliding doors for interior rooms.

Shutter Types Hybrid


Perfect mix of natural and synthetic materials, made with timber frames and PVC blades.

Mandurah Plantation Shutters


Light, highly durable, moisture and humidity resistant so perfect for wet areas or outside areas.

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A Variety of Shutter Designs

We endeavour to give every customer the benefit of a luxurious and well-engineered plantation shutter design to enhance the look of any room.

There is a variety of mechanics to choose from depending on how you want to open and close your shutters. Choose between hinged, sliding and bi-fold shutters to ensure that you get the most effective design for your home or office.

We also offer a DIY service and have the shutters delivered to you within the Perth metro area.

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