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We are a local business and we guarantee to always offer a great personal service with high quality products.

We come to you, within the comfort of your own home with our mobile showroom.

For a free in-home consultation we can provide you samples to give you a great idea of how your plantation shutters will look. For a reliable service, quality shutters and a great price call us today.

At Mandurah Plantation Shutters we aim to give complete satisfaction each and every time from start to finish.

Lisa Moores


Enhance The Look


Plantation shutters are extremely practical, shading the interior of your home and allows you to control the amount of light coming in whilst also allowing the uninterrupted passage of cool air. Made from high quality materials that are easy to operate and look fantastic in any setting, providing a modern and fresh look on your windows.

We endeavour to give every customer the benefit of a luxurious and well-engineered plantation shutter design to enhance the look of any room. There is a variety of mechanics to choose from depending on how you want to open and close your shutters. Choose between hinged, sliding and bi-fold shutters to ensure that you get the most effective design for your home or office.


Timeless Look

Plantation shutters are a timeless design that will never go out of style. Plantation shutters are a simple way to transform an ordinary window and add the wow factor to your home.

Maximise The Light

Having the option to operate the blades fully open to allows maximum light to flood through your shutters but also offers the blades to be tilted to protect furniture. Plantation shutters can help to make any room in your home feel brighter and lighter.

Temperature Regulation

Plantation shutters effectively insulate as they can help to keep heat out in summer and in during the winter. Insulation will not only keep your home comfortable but also reduce energy bills.


The blades of the shutters can be tilted to provide privacy but also offering the option of allowing some of the blades to be open for a partial visual barrier or completely closed for total seclusion.

Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters are super easy to clean – just wipe down with a cloth or feather duster. Keeping you shutters free from dust will help retain their functionality and beauty for years.

Custom Made

All our shutters are individually custom made so we can fit any window shape in your home.